The OPLIN Circuit

(No longer in production; see archive for past issues.)

The OPLIN staff writes this quarterly newsletter to keep the management and staff of Ohio's local public libraries aware of current developments at OPLIN and plans for the future. The OPLIN Circuit is available here in PDF format, but can be printed out and distributed by anyone wishing to do so. Back issues of OPLIN Director's Notes (the old newsletter) can also be had upon request.

2015 Issues

  • Spring (April) 2015
    • Details of OPLIN mail server demise
    • New email forwarding service
    • Database interface updates
    • eRate Form 471 filing extension
    • Ohio Web Library design feedback
  • Winter (January) 2015
    • DDoS attack information
    • Stakeholders meeting materials
    • E-Rate Form 471 workshops
    • Other reminders and events
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2014 Issues

  • Fall (October) 2014
    • OPLIN Stakeholders meeting
    • Ohio Means Jobs website details
    • Ohio Web Library online survey
    • Scheduled E-Rate workshops
    • Ohio Digitization Hubs project
  • Summer (July) 2014
    • Upcoming Ethernet circuit upgrades
    • Ohio Web Library resource renewals
    • New OPLIN Board member
    • OLC informational video news
  • Spring (April) 2014
    • New Ohio Web Library launch
    • Amended OPLIN Public Use policy
    • Content Advisory meeting details
    • Other events and happenings
  • Winter (January) 2014
    • Digitization hub information
    • New Website Kits and upgrades
    • Ohio Web Library updates
    • Database tutorials available
    • Other reminders and news

2013 Issues

  • Fall (October) 2013
    • OPLIN network testing service for libraries
    • New Sanborn Maps interface launch
    • LearningExpress Workforce Skills available
    • 2013 Stakeholders Meeting information
    • Upcoming E-Rate workshop fall schedule
  • Summer (July) 2013
    • Launch of new Explore Ohio website
    • Ohio Web Library database renewals
    • Public library ebook lending issues
    • New/returning OPLIN Board members
    • New Website Kits and price increase
  • Spring (April) 2013
    • Core and Ethernet upgrade details
    • OPLIN biennial budget proposal
    • Ohio Web Library database updates
    • New Website Kits and upgrades
    • Other OPLIN happenings and news
  • Winter (January) 2013
    • Statewide database renewal news
    • Upcoming E-Rate workshop details
    • Website Kit upgrades and features
    • State DNS server information
    • Phishing emails – helpful tips

2012 Issues

  • Fall (October) 2012
    • New copyright notice tool for libraries
    • Notice of Website Kit upgrade hiatus
    • Upcoming E-Rate workshop schedule
    • 2012 Stakeholders Meeting materials
    • Oxford Reference database changes
  • Summer (July) 2012
    • OPLIN email change information
    • Website Kit pricing increase
    • Statewide database renewals
    • Returning OPLIN Board members
    • Other OPLIN happenings & news
  • Spring (April) 2012
    • Details of recent Ethernet circuit upgrades
    • News about Ethernet service providers
    • Updates on language/genealogy databases
    • More information about OpenDNS filtering
    • Other OPLIN happenings and reminders
  • Winter (January) 2012
    • Information about OpenDNS filtering
    • Statewide database subscription news
    • ODURT retirement in December 2011
    • Explanation of OPLIN email practices
    • Juniper router upgrades (2nd phase)


2011 Issues

  • Fall (October) 2011
    • Information about both OPLIN mail servers
    • Updated and revised version of OPLIN website
    • Upcoming E-Rate workshop schedule
    • New databases – statistics & promo materials
    • Ohio Public Library Connectivity Data
  • Summer (July) 2011
    • Details of the new OPLIN mail release (Zimbra)
    • Information about upcoming network changes
    • Descriptions of the new statewide databases
    • News about the Juniper router upgrades
    • Notice to update the Public Library Data Center
  • Spring (April) 2011
    • Major changes coming soon to the OPLIN network
    • Reminder to notify OPLIN of new authorized contacts
    • Tech tutorial on how to delete browser cookies/cache
    • Explanation and tips to avoid e-mail phishing scams
    • Other recent OPLIN happenings and reminders
  • Winter (January) 2011
    • Explanation for delay of Zimbra Mail release
    • New Web Help Desk for Support Center tickets
    • E-Rate program information for 2011
    • SMS text messaging statistics for libraries
    • Ohio Web Library Shortcuts handout available


2010 Issues

  • Fall (October) 2010
    • New Zimbra webmail is coming
    • Text messaging for libraries is up and running
    • The 2010-2011 Internet Filtering Assistance Program has begun
    • E-Rate workshops this fall
  • Summer (July) 2010
    • We've heard what you have to say about OPLIN services, read what we're going to do for you next
    • More Dynamic Website Kits launched
    • New database subscriptions? Find out how to update your "locally purchased databases" tab listed at
    • Want to send your patrons text messages? Now you can!
    • Bobbi's goodbye note
  • Spring (April) 2010
    • Our capital budget requests
    • More Dynamic Website Kits launched
    • Connectivity policy changes
    • Info on the Spring Database Preview
    • Three items from the OPLIN Support Center
    • Speed tests: do they really work?
  • Winter (January) 2010  Info on the new statewide broadband contract, open source in the OPLIN office and more!


2009 Issues

October 2009
Topics include:
-- How OPLIN uses open source
-- OLC honors Laura Solomon with resolution
-- Get your own e-mail!
-- Info on library database stats
-- The latest E-rate info
and much more!

July 2009
Taking stock after the budget shock, important statewide database changes, library bandwidth—the sources, and news from the OPLIN office.

April 2009
Resolution to the Ohio General Assembly concerning the source of OPLIN funding, info about the Dynamic Web Site Kit beta tests, OhioNet Spring Database preview, Gold Leaf Award for Laura Solomon and more.

January 2009
Good budget news...for the moment.  New beta service--Dynamic Website Kits.  Free Second Life classes. Jay Burton is back with the 2009 30-Minute Classroom.  Additional trainings coming up.

2008 Issues

  • January 2008
    This CIRCUIT provides details about OPLIN's recent focus groups, an upgrade to library connections for those library's using over 80% of their current circuit, filtering grants, and OPLIN's featured database, NetWellness.
  • April 2008
    A new Library Services Manager and a new Board member; $$Talk, growing pains, and why your router needs a UPS.
  • July 2008
    ExploreOhio, a new, statewide database changes and a new board member.
  • September 2008
    E-rate classes, the cancellation of NoveList, SLO training and a new Customer Success Center from EBSCO.


2007 Issues

  • January 2007
    Published January 2007 (in PDF format).
  • April 2007
    This issue of The OPLIN Circuit contains articles about: the OPLIN budget; the 2007 OHIONET Database Preview; the new OPLIN logos; disconnected diagnostic lines; database news; and more.
  • July 2007
    This issue of The OPLIN Circuit contains articles about: OPLIN's nascent web-hosting service; Ohio Web Library developments; recent discussions about open source software in libraries; the OPLIN Support Center's new live chat service; and more. In PDF format.
  • October 2007
    This issue of The OPLIN Circuit contains articles about: OPLIN filtering grants; the upcoming Stakeholders Meeting; changes to database access; emergency support for NetWellness; an update on web hosting; and much more.

2006 Issues

2005 Issues

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