Testimonials oplin
  • "I also want to take a minute to thank you for all your help with this website.  You have taken a big portion of my job and turned it from drudgery to so much fun!   I also don't have to spend enormous amounts of time editing and messing around with a nasty, cantankerous dinosaur anymore. ...I have to say that I'm extremely excited about the new site.  It makes me feel good.  It's simple, clear, concise, has all the necessary info and is really easy and fun to learn and work with!"--Grafton-Midview Public Library
  • "We're looking forward to having a more responsive site for our library and community.  Your help has been appreciated."--Milton-Union Public Library
  • We are so pleased with how smooth the website transition has gone! We really haven't had any significant difficulties today. Yay! Thanks so much for all your work and such prompt responses to everything that has come up."--Orrville Public Library
  • “ OPLIN WEBKITS ROCK!”— Granville Public Library
  • "I have just been visiting Web sites of a number of libraries across the country. It just reinforces what a great job you did on our new Web site. It looks beautiful, it reflects the atmosphere of our community, and it functions well. (And it doesn’t take 15 minutes for people to find our phone number!)"--Wright Memorial Public Library
  • "The work estimate is right on target.”— Marion Public Library>
  • "BULLSEYE!  I love it, Laura!" & "By the way, the dynamic webkit was the best thing we ever did! Just love our site. Thank you." --Tuscarawas County Public Library
  • "It looks wonderful!!!"--Logan-Hocking County District Library
  • "Love it…perfect…"--Harbor-Topky Memorial Library>
  • Thanks so much for everything. We are all extremely appreciative and pleased. You were a true pleasure to work with."--New Carlisle Public Library