Steps for obtaining an OPLIN-paid Umbrella account

Steps for obtaining an OPLIN-paid Umbrella account hedgesst

Cisco Umbrella first steps

Note: Cisco Umbrella is the new name and branding of Umbrella by OpenDNS

1. Send an email to stating that you would like to participate, along with the contact information for the person to whom we should email the account login details.
2. The contact's account will be set to an administrator level for your library account. This user will have the ability to send out additional invitations to other staff members, and also elevate them to administrator status.
3. From now on, your library is in complete control of your account. To get started, see Cisco Umbrella's Getting Started Guide.

You will want to use the Umbrella name servers on your network. The IPs for those servers are and If you want to test out the service before making it live on the entire network, you can always change the DNS servers on just your workstation to those two IPs and verify the filtering is working as you want it to. If you're ready to make filtering live, the place to use those two IPs will vary depending on how your network is currently configured.

  • If you statically define every workstation with its DNS settings (ex. the state DNS servers at then you would need to change every workstation to use these two new IPs.
  • If your workstations point to a local device for DNS (ex. a firewall/router/ActiveDirectory server) then the place you would use the two OpenDNS IPs would be in the forwarders settings of that device. Changing the IPs on a top level device like this will make filtering live for every workstation pointing to said device.

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