Adding an Ohio Web Library search widget

OPLIN has created an Ohio Web Library search widget that you can add to any web page. Simply put this line in your page where you want the widget to appear:
<script language="JavaScript" src=""></script>
...and now you have the Ohio Web Library search box!

If you prefer to build you own web form, use the GET method with an action of and a text box named q.

Ohio Web Library accepts all the variables listed below through the GET method. All variables can be used alone, or in any combination with others.

Name: q
Effect: Specifying this variable will set it as your search term, and fire a search on page load.
Example Usage:
Name: defaultcat
Effect: Lets you specify the default target category on load.
Example Usage:
Name: targets
Effect: Lets you specify custom target categories for the "Category" drop down box. Note: Targets must first be configured in Ohio Web Library; contact OPLIN Support for a list of currently configured targets.
Additional Info: The format that should be used in the variable is: {category name},{target}|{target};{category name 2},{target}
Example Usage:,