Email transfer service extended indefinitely

The Executive Committee of the OPLIN Board just met by conference call and decided to keep the email transfer service running indefinitely.

We have added about 1100 transfer addresses to the service so far. Anyone who has given us their old OPLIN address and a new email address is getting their _NEW_ incoming OPLIN email automatically forwarded to their new address. 

The advantage to libraries of being able to use the transfer service indefinitely is that the email addresses on stationery, business cards, websites, etc. can continue to receive email. You will not be able to send anything with an OPLIN address, but you can receive email with an OPLIN address, if we have a new address for you in the transfer service.

If you want to add/change an email address in the transfer service, send the old and new email address information to If you want to add a number of addresses to the service (e.g. for a bunch of staff members), one email actually works better than multiple emails.