Gale in Context: Elementary

Gale in Context: Elementary (formerly Kids InfoBits) is content-rich, authoritative, easy-to-use. and features age-appropriate, reliable, and perfect for today's young learners. Its curriculum-related content covers a broad range of educational topics via a modern, graphical interface. The design helps kids explore the product and gain comfort with database searching. Gale in Context: Elementary addresses the way kids learn and conduct research – and makes it fun!

Features of Gale in Context: Elementary include:

  • Continuously updated content, appropriate for elementary school students.
  • Indexed, searchable content—including books, magazines and news.
  • Fun and important facts with connections to current and past events.
  • More than 1,700 kid-friendly charts and graphs and nearly 600 high-quality educational videos.
  • Filter by content level and streamline search results based on basic, intermediate or advanced learning levels.
  • Popular subject categories covering Animals, Arts, Geography, Health, Literature, People, Social Studies, Technology and more.

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