SecurityIQ Phishing Simulation & Security Awareness


Beginning October 2018 OPLIN can provide security awareness training and email phishing simulations for all Ohio public library staff at no cost to the library!

A one year agreement has been reached with SecurityIQ ( which allows us to distribute admin accounts and staff licensing to any library interested in using the service.

The admin account gives you full control over branding, reporting, simulation selection, and staff targeting. The training path through SecurityIQ is designed to be a 12 month program (outline attached), but we encourage any manner of use, even if just to send out a limited number of simulated attacks to foster discussion among staff.


Whitelist the following IPs with your e-mail provider

Contact requesting an account for your library along with the number of staff licenses you’ll need. Look for an email invite from SecurityIQ with the subject of "Your Request to Join SecurityIQ", especially in your spam folder.


A webinar covering the basic setup/usage of the SecurityIQ security awareness
training is now available at: Here's a handy index to make navigating the video a bit quicker.

2:13 Adding learners
7:20 Whitelisting SecurityIQ IPs
9:40 Customizing Account Settings
16:57 PhishNotify
22:10 PhishSim Campaigns
39:48 AwareEd Campaigns
49:25 Reporting


Additional setup questions can be directed at the following SecurityIQ contact: 
​Sonja Christoffersen
Client Success Manager
Phone: 608-447-0157