LearningExpress ends August 9

As you know, the Ohio Web Library resources are purchased by the Libraries Connect Ohio partnership, combining LSTA funds from the State Library and state funds from OPLIN, OhioLINK, and INFOhio to purchase access to these statewide databases for all Ohioans.

In the State of Ohio budget that took effect on July 1, state funding for INFOhio was cut by 42%, despite support from several legislators for restoring INFOhio's funds. As a result, INFOhio will not be able to contribute to the cost of the Ohio Web Library collection as they have in the past.

The Libraries Connect Ohio partners met earlier this week to decide what we should cut from the Ohio Web Library collection to deal with this funding shortfall. Since LearningExpress Library content is also available through OhioMeansJobs (www.ohiomeansjobs.com), we asked LearningExpress for a list of differences between OhioMeansJobs content and Ohio Web Library content, as well as usage statistics for both. While some LearningExpress content is not available through OhioMeansJobs, it appears that much of the missing content may not be particularly useful for Ohioans.

Yesterday, LearningExpress was informed that we will be terminating their contract due to lack of funding. We have enough funds to pay for access through Sunday, August 9, after which all LearningExpress content -- LearningExpress Library, Jobs & Career Accelerator, and Workforce Skills -- will no longer be available through the Ohio Web Library. 

The usage statistics seem to indicate that some LearningExpress content is difficult to find on OhioMeansJobs, particularly for K-12 students. We will be working with OhioMeansJobs, LearningExpress and EBSCO (new owner of LearningExpress) to see if that access can be improved.

If you are interested in purchasing LearningExpress content for your library, I recommend you contact OhioNET first, since they may be able to negotiate group discounts.

If you have questions related to the cancellation of LearningExpress, please contact OPLIN Support, http://support.oplin.org.