OPLIN has contracted with the Ohio Department of Administrative Services to lease an area of the State of Ohio Computer Center (SOCC) that is set aside for use by Ohio public libraries and public library consortia. The SOCC is a Tier III rated data center housing a variety of critical state networking and server equipment, including the OPLIN network core. Through this lease arrangement, OPLIN is making this secure space available to Ohio public libraries for co-locating any of their servers and networking equipment in the same locked, reliable space that houses OPLIN's equipment.

Some advantages of putting networking and server equipment in this shared space are:

  • Power fed from redundant Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) for short power outages
  • Generator power for power outages of longer lengths
  • Climate control with chilled air delivered to the face of the racks
  • Localized fire suppression systems
  • All access to the SOCC logged at the Security Desk with a valid form of ID before admittance
  • Rack access only by key cards issued to individuals that are cleared via background check procedures
  • Direct wiring to the OPLIN network core.

Prices are based on the number of standard “U”s (“rack units”) occupied by library equipment. Rack units occupied by any equipment providing services to more than one Ohio public library system are provided by OPLIN free of any charge. Rack units occupied by any equipment providing services to only one library system are subject to an annual charge of $360 per U.


Please contact OPLIN Support for more detailed information.