DNS (Domain Name Server) servers allow you to reach another computer on the Internet from your computer without having to provide the explicit Internet address. Users prefer to use friendly computer domain names like "library.com" instead of its IP address "". The DNS is a program consisting of a database of name and address information. The program responds to queries from other programs. DNS servers can communicate amongst themselves to update one another with new information. This mechanism is what allows you to reach a webpage on a new server when a friend sends you a link. You do not have to know the IP address of the server that contains the webpage.

DNS Servers
Local DNS servers use DNS forwarders to resolve external domain names that are outside the local network. Selecting reliable public DNS servers to use as forwarders is critical to the performance of your local network.

OPLIN subscribes to Cisco Umbrella, which provides both Internet Filtering and public DNS resolvers. Cisco Umbrella's public DNS servers can be used for DNS queries with or without filtering content. Google's public DNS servers are a reliable, performant public DNS source. 

Public DNS Servers

Domains Managed by OPLIN
If your domain's zones are defined in the State of Ohio's nameservers, OPLIN can manage your DNS records and make changes upon request. OPLIN is the DNS service provider for all domains in the lib.oh.us TLD. If you do not know who is the authoritative nameserver for your domains, you can visit https://lookup.icann.org/ to find out. Send DNS support requests to OPLIN at support@oplin.ohio.gov

The information for the State's DNS is as follows:

State of Ohio

Service objectives:

  • Incident Response: OPLIN staff will respond within one hour to DNS-related malfunctions during regular business hours Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding State of Ohio holidays. Contact us through the OPLIN Support site.
  • Incident Resolution: OPLIN staff will work collaboratively with the Ohio Office of Information Technology (OIT) toward resolving the incident within 4 business hours of Incident Response.