Get database statistics

Monthly database statistics

Some vendors provide very detailed spreadsheets of library activity in any given month. See the table at the end of this page to download those Excel spreadsheets.

Some other vendors provide direct access to statistics from their websites:

Ancestry Library Edition
This link should recognize the IP address of your library, and provides various options for statistics delivery. These stats take some time to completely compile, so ProQuest recommends waiting until the 5th of the month to get accurate usage statistics for the previous month.
Detailed reports of EBSCOhost usage, including NoveList, Auto Repair Reference Center, and any other EBSCO databases for which the library has a subscription. Requires library password. EBSCOadmin is EBSCO's own tool for checking EBSCO database usage statistics, creating reports, and customizing certain interface options. Since it is maintained by EBSCO and not OPLIN, a separate ID and password are required. If you do not know your ID and password, please contact the OPLIN Support Center, for assistance. For further details on how the tool itself works, click on the "Help" link at the top of the screen after logging in.
Sanborn Insurance Maps
Use the link at the bottom of the page, no login required.

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Cumulative statistics

For some vendors, accumulated monthly statistics are available as spreadsheets:

  • American & English Literature Collection statistics since January 2010—download spreadsheet
  • Facts on File Science Online statistics since July 2009—download spreadsheet
  • AllData (for subscribers) statistics since 2016—download spreadsheet

Service objectives:

  • Incident Response: OPLIN staff will respond within one hour to malfunctions of database statistics during regular business hours Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding State of Ohio holidays; contact us through the OPLIN Support site.
  • Incident Resolution: OPLIN staff will either resolve the incident within 4 business hours or will open an incident ticket with the database vendor(s) and work collaboratively toward resolving the incident within the timeframe specified in the vendor's agreed service objective.


Custom statistics

If you have a special statistics request, please contact, and we will do our best to get what you need.


World Book had a problem with usage statistics for individual libraries beginning in late August 2015 and provided statistics for the period August-December 2015 in late February 2016.


Monthly spreadsheets

month EBSCO World Book
March 2018 download download
February 2018 download download
January 2018 download download
December 2017 download download
November 2017 download download
October 2017 download download
September 2017 download download
August 2017 download download
July 2017 download download
June 2017 download download
May 2017 download download
April 2017 download download
March 2017 download download
Feb 2017 download download
Jan 2017 download download
Dec 2016 download download
Nov 2016 download download
Oct 2016 download download
Sept 2016 download download
Aug 2016 download download
July 2016 download download
June 2016 download download
May 2016 download download
April 2016 download download
March 2016 download download
Feb 2016 download download
Jan 2016 download download
Dec 2015 download Aug-Dec 2015
Nov 2015 download  
Oct 2015 download  
Sept 2015 download  
Aug 2015 download download
July 2015 download download