OPLIN hosts authentication services to ensure that library patrons can access statewide subscriptions, and libraries can also use these services to authenticate patrons to library-purchased subscriptions.


Mask authenticates patrons by card and PIN against library databases in real time.

  • Mask is compatible with titles that require PatronAPI or SIP2 access for authentication.
  • Mask improves patron privacy by providing a trusted layer between third-party vendors and library patron databases. Mask accepts an authentication request from the vendor, performs the patron card/PIN lookup in the ILS database, and returns only essential portions of the response to the vendor, anonymizing or stripping unnecessary fields.
  • Mask can authenticate patrons to LinkedIn Learning for Library, Kanopy, Hoopla, Freegal, ComicsPlus, and more.

Please contact OPLIN at support@oplin.ohio.gov to explore compatibility with other products.


OPLIN hosts an EZproxy instance for every Ohio public library to provide access to statewide-purchased content.

  • Libraries can use OPLIN's EZproxy instance to provide local and remote access to library-purchased databases.
  • Publish a single URL to ensure patrons can access a database both in the library and from home.
  • EZproxy is compatible with any title that supports IP authentication, referral links, and other special scenarios required by vendors, such as redemption codes for New York Times or Wall Street Journal.
  • OPLIN provides library-branded EZproxy login pages, ensuring libraries receive credit for purchasing content for their communities.

Email OPLIN at support@oplin.ohio.gov to configure EZproxy for any compatible database.

Ohio Web Library

Ohio Web Library permalinks provide access to statewide titles. Libraries can ensure patrons have ongoing access to statewide titles by publishing the provided permalink.

  • OWL links use library card pattern matching. Visitors input their library card, and are matched to the correct institution.
  • Publishing Ohio Web Library authentication links ensures that patrons of any Ohio public library can gain access to statewide content.
  • To ensure equity of access, OWL authentication links also support geo-location as an authentication option.
  • OWL authentication links are permalinks maintained by OPLIN, and will remain valid even after vendor changes.