Update on recovery of old OPLIN emails

We've been able to successfully retrieve all the emails sent and received by each account that were still stored on the old email server, and they are now grouped into folders by account. We've done a test delivery of those emails to OPLIN staff, with good results, and are in the process now of preparing login credentials that we can send to all the other accounts.

A few things to know (and these will be repeated when we send login credentials):

1) You'll need to have a POP3 email client installed and configured on the computer where you want to save your old emails. Three common examples of POP3 clients are Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird. You'll set up a new account in the client using the credentials we send you.

2) Depending on the amount of email you had stored on the old server, your POP3 client, and your equipment, the download could take some time, maybe even an hour or more.

3) All of the old emails will appear as new mail in the POP3 client's inbox. The client will sort them by date, but they will not be grouped/sorted in any other way. That means even emails you had put into the trash folder on the old server will now appear as new emails in your inbox. (You get to delete them again!)

We won't begin the process of sending out credentials until Monday (March 23). We want to be sure that someone will be in the OPLIN office to help you if you need it